Mother Earth yes, but…



Here’s the problem: Nearly one-third of all climate pollution comes from the transportation sector—and most transportation policy decisions are made at the state level.

Here’s the solution: The U.S. Department of Transportation has proposed a rule to hold states accountable for tracking pollution and setting reduction targets.

Here’s our opportunity: Sign an official public comment in support of this critical new rule—we need to speak up right now to overcome the special interests trying to kill it.The Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act have sent billions to the states—but it’s going to take bold state leadership to turn that money into climate action.  Along with reducing pollution, this proposed rule would help steer infrastructure investments toward vehicle electrification, public transportation, and improvements for other sustainable modes of travel like biking and walking.  This can’t happen fast enough. But business elites and certain Senate Republicans are pushing back…

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