♫ Do Wah Diddy Diddy ♫ (Redux)

Always loved this nonsense tune – and liked that is was featured in Steve Martin comedy film – LA Story.

Filosofa's Word

Let’s just kick back and have a fun song tonight, shall we?  I bet all of you over a certain age will remember this one!

This was written by the songwriting team of Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich, who were looking to recreate the gibberish gold they struck on The Crystals hit Da Doo Ron Ron. They stumbled upon Da Doo Ron Ron, but found that creating a nonsense phrase on purpose was not easy, as it had to sound good and sing well. They settled on Do Wah Diddy, and pictured it as another girl group hit. It was first recorded (as Do-Wah-Diddy) in 1963 by The Exciters, who were coming off their hit song Tell Him.

This female version (“There he was, just walking down the street…”) topped out at #78, but got the attention of the British group Manfred Mann…

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