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Belki de dönüp kendime gitmek istiyorumdur. Belki de unuttuklarımı hatırlamak, hatırladıklarımı unutmak istiyorumdur. belki de bildiklerime inanmamak, inandıklarımı gerçek kılmak istiyorumdur.. belki de kendime bir şans daha vermek istemiyor şansın içine doğmak istiyorumdur.. belli ki ben sesinin esinim olmadığı bir an istiyorum..

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Butterflies in the Night

Develop. Inspire. Transform.

I sit on the front porch
the moon, and the train
down the tracks

I can feel it, the anxiety
the streets, and this sensation

missing a beat

Kinda like when you see a star
in the sky

you relate to it

it’s a mirror image of you, and you know why

Like is like this at times
full of whispers of insight

We simply need to remain open

the butterflies in the night

Photo by ArtTower, Pixabay

Submissions are open for the Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow: 30 Poems in 30 Days Collaboration, and will remain open until September 23. The submission details are located here.

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king kong

Dreams are as old as human beings are. They are in reality a psychological phenomenon. Only human beings see dreams. According to the psychologists, we see dreams in our sleep because at that time, our mind is awake and our body is a sleep. Our experiences of daily life are projected into dreams. The mind wakes up earlier than the body, It does not need as much rest as the body. As soon as it awakes, it begins to weave experiences of daily life are projected into dreams.

In dreams sometimes, the experiences are real, sometimes there is a confused series of experience. Some dreams are very pleasant and romantic. Due to this reason, some places are called ‘dream land” in common talk. One gets up early in the morning very much pleased with what one has seen. on the other hand, some

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Marii Freire comigo!

Sejamos capazes de manter-se firme em todas as situações. Uma mulher forte é aquela que pratica o autorrespeito, trabalha a questão do autoconhecimento, justamente para lidar melhor com a autoestima. “Cá entre nós “, é um ser capaze de encontrar a sua própria numinosidade ” vida” que é algo natural…seu, e é condicionado por essa coisa transcendental. Em outras palavras, é uma mulher de autovalor. É linda pela força que emana de “dentro pra fora”.

Marii Freire. Mulher/ autorrespeito/ autoconhecimento/tiktok comigo!

Imagem (crédito: Marii Freire)

Santarém, Pá 18 setembro de 2022

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