People fleeing Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela should be granted immediate amnesty – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

The migrants Abbott sent included many from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Likewise, most of those flown to Martha’s Vineyard are from Venezuela.

Victims of socialist tyranny, in other words, reduced to political pawns by Republicans who aren’t bright enough to embrace such people.

It wasn’t that long ago that Cubans benefited from the “wet foot, dry foot” policy which allowed Cuban migrants fleeing the Castro regime to stay in America.

It was a policy which allowed America to serve as a sanctuary for victims of socialism while benefiting from and maximizing the potential of Cubans in search of a better life. That policy was ended by President Barack Obama in 2017.

If anything, though, America should have an open borders policy for all people fleeing commie regimes — including Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

For decades, Cuban-Americans have politically benefited Republicans, especially in Florida.

Venezuelan-Americans have also been a politically competitive group, mindful of the horrors of the Maduro regime. They’re also a rapidly rising group. “From 2010 to 2019, the Venezuelan population in the U.S. increased 126% to 540,000, by far the fastest growth rate,” noted Pew Research Center.

Though a smaller group, the Miami Herald in 2020 reported that both the Biden and Trump campaigns specifically pushed to garner support from the Nicaraguan-American community in Florida. Nicaragua is currently being run into the ground by Daniel Ortega, who helped lead the socialist Sandinista revolution back in the 80s.

As someone who has traveled through Central and South America, I’ve encountered my  share of both Nicaraguan and Venezuelan refugees in countries ranging from Costa Rica and Panama to Colombia and Peru.

Most didn’t really have a long-term idea of what they were going to do besides try to make a way to get by in their new home countries, but some indicated plans to try and get to the United States.

As I see it, there’s no reason for the United States not to have an easy, legal pathway for such people to come.

Source: People fleeing Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela should be granted immediate amnesty – San Gabriel Valley Tribune