Migrants in San Antonio lured onto Massachusetts flights with false promises | The Texas Tribune

Source: Migrants in San Antonio lured onto Massachusetts flights with false promises | The Texas Tribune

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    1. The governor of Florida is despicable – he would not done it if they were Cuban refugees because he needs those votes in Florida but not the Venezuelans – yet.

    1. Glad you liked this post and others. My father was an immigrant from England. It is no easy thing to leave one’s country and start anew. He was 7-years when he and his father came here by ship. They had 4th class tickets on the White Star line. Many in his hometown of Oldham, England left at the same time due to factories closing up. They missed the first ship because they had forgotten the tickets at the hotel. By the time they got back to the dock, the Titanic had sailed. They lost many neighbors who drowned on that ill-fated ship. They had to wait for the next ship.

  1. what a story! thanks for share it Ned…your are a great storyteller, write about it, as we can see in our days stories about migration have no end, it could be a testimonial of your own life…here the mine : vigo harbour (Spain), 1955, my mother, me and my little sister (6 months), destination : Montevideo, Uruguay (my father reached the place months before). I remember a dark night on board with alarm started, noise,shouts..a great scene (and a I still remember it)…if you write a book about migration, I can tell you many many stories..I have worked with refugees and migrated people from Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador..etc..during many years (I was living at Madrid)at that time. Thank you dear Ned.

    1. Thanks, will think about it – good idea – maybe you should write it? As a child, my family moved/migrated from East – Massachusetts to California Los Angeles. Then I went to undergraduate college in Washington DC and now live in Cincinnati, Ohio. And sailed around the world for 5 months while attending college University of the Seven Seas – now World Campus Afloat. In a sense, I was a migrant much of the first part of my life – grin. Now, like you, I communicate with people around the world via social media and the blog. The migrant/traveler…

  2. so exciting…yes, you are right…the migrant traveler..ok..i like the idea..let’s think about it, why not?, it could be fine to write it together, I mean, the north and the south america migrant stories, …fantastic.! (I’m glad you talk about it and..as always you read my thought, I was going to ask you more, about your story. thanks)…maybe it could be done in a blog )a new blog)…the migrant/traveler is a “gorriòn trotamundo” (they call me in this way), with a double heart : the original and the second one created with the people we met in life…”los hombres -y mujeres- del oscuro destino”, como decìa Atahualpa Yupanqui. You told me you hear my music on my YT channel. I talk about it in that video “El canto del viento”. Check it. Just today, I was thinking to make something with it. It’s a good seed for a story. Let me know what do you think about it…I can send spanish text if you want…a house is not a home (just playing ella fitzgerald on Rafael page)…and for migrants, the only house they have, sometimes for a long time, it’s a song, their identity, the own sense of belongig…’cause I think it’s impossible to live without a sense of belonging..and music do it.! (ok…ahora estoy emocionada, esto toca, cuerdas profundas. gracias Ned)… to be continued 🙂

    1. Just read the Women Playing Jazz article – good one and his article on body language. I have a friend from Netherlands who used the study of movement as his entry into management consulting, community building and flow. Yes let’s think about it. A group I like is Jenny and the Mexicats Jenny is British but grew up in part in Mexico. She plays great trumpet and sings. https://youtu.be/BzJca2WB_jM

  3. wow!…! another great idea!..you are right ! we double!… (lol) ok. I check it….i could write a book also about it! that’s why I laugh…because i use body language with my groups..but this is another story!…lol…to be continued…great!

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