What is the soil organic carbon and why is it important?


Nowadays, we often hear about carbon. Most of the comments and news talk about carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is a greenhouse gas that increases the global temperature and creates climate change. Well, while this may be partly true, the big picture is not like that. Carbon is essential to life, and we can find carbon not only in the atmosphere, but also in the soils, all living beings, and dissolved in the water.

Most of the carbon that we can find on Earth is fixed, as in the rocks. However, some other carbon is circulating around, in the ecosystems. See this example: a farmer plants a lettuce seed, which takes carbon from the atmosphere to growth and being a growth-up lettuce. After, we ate that lettuce in our salad, and the carbon is now in our bodies. A beautiful sunny day we decide to go for a walk…

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