15 thoughts on “Author Aparna J Has Something to Teach Children in Her New Book, BALA: Short Stories for Children”

    1. Ah, well a book from someone in Chennai – one of my favorite cities… how could I not share the interview and a good children’s book to boot!

    2. You’re dripping with a bunch of good ole fashioned sweetness Ned. I learned something new here. I didn’t know you were so connected to Chennai! Well now, look at you dawwwwlinkkkk!!! 😜💖🤗

    3. I also spent 12 years working with a woman from Chennai, here in Cincinnati. And had a literary agent based in Chennai. He got me assignments to write a number of articles for The Hindu newspaper years ago. Grin.

    4. Well, well, well, look at you Mr. Walter Cronkite!!! 🧐 Writing stories across the waters? Are you still writing, or have you taken a pause for bigger and better stuff? 🤔🤔🤔 What a wonderful story and a great experience I am sure. You Go Ned!!! 🌎🏃🏼‍♂️✍🏻

    5. Think about getting back to your writing Ned. I think you have a plethora of information that you can share and teach us. Just think about it my friend! ✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻

    6. I may well dig out some past writing, since it has not been seen by this audience or for a long time. I did a lot of writing in the 1990’s – 3 books, 20-30 journal/magazine articles and a few stories that wrote themselves, so to speak. Thanks.

    7. Go for what you know Ned. Just as you share the posts of many of us out here, don’t neglect your writing skills and leave them buried in the closet collecting dust! Just sayin’! 🧐✍🏻😘 Hugs and smooches.

    8. Flow is a state of being – like being in the zone – where everything is working for you – when skill and challenge match up… work or art just flows – a good feeling.

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