What hope is there for our oceans?

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“All life on Earth depends on healthy, abundant oceans.”

So said Sam Waterston, Chair of Oceana, this week. And yet…the bad news keeps coming. When are our oceans going to get a break? As if the failure to sign a Global Ocean Treaty in New York this summer was not bad enough, the threat of deep sea mining looms suddenly darker and closer. And yet there are glimmers of hope…The hope that I see (for most of our climate change and environmental concerns) is in youth activism. See below for details of an online event tomorrow, which I think we should all tune into.

See below for more details…

On a rainy Monday in Kingston, I learned that deep sea mining could begin in the Pacific very soon – even possibly later this month. The International Seabed Authority (ISA) has granted permission to Nauru Oceans Resources Incorporated…

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