Good People Doing Good Things — Winston Davis

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I have only one ‘good people’ today, but I think he will be enough to remind you that there really ARE good people out there, doing good things for others.

What would you do if an older teen accosted and robbed your 12-year-old nephew at knifepoint?  Would you go looking for the teen, and if you found him … what would you do?  That was the dilemma Winston Davis found himself faced with back in July.  His 12-year-old nephew had been on his way to buy a chocolate bar when the teen stopped him and, using his knife as a threat, took the young boy’s bag containing his money in the village of London Colney, north of London, UK.

When Winston Davis, a heating engineer and social activist, found out and sensed that the police had bigger fish to fry than a stolen bag with only a few pounds in…

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