♫ I’ve Gotta Be Me ♫

Filosofa's Word

I’ve played this only once before, about two years ago, and tonight it just felt … right.

Recently, a friend and I were discussing our childhoods, and I confessed that I was a disappointment to both of my parents, though in different ways.  My mother wanted a little girl that she could dress up as a doll in frilly, lacy dresses, and instead she got me, who would much rather play in a mud puddle or climb a tree than sit and sip tea in a dress so starched that it whispered.  My dad, on the other hand, always wanted a boy, and instead he got me, who had zero interest in sports and took nearly 90 swings to hit a single golf ball!  Anyway … long story short, I was never the person either of them envisioned, but instead I grew up into … ME.  Complete with flaws and…

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