Human Balance Sheet

Kaushal Kishore

Today I was reading and analysing a balance sheet of a company. Suddenly a thought crossed my mind,
“Is our life also not like a balance sheet, if we take the day of birth as the first day (1st April) and the day when we breathe last as the last day (31st March) of the human year?”

We are born with two columns of innate assets and liabilities, and subsequently we earn assets like knowledge, skills, good traits and behaviour, but negatives increase our liabilities.

Whatever we do in our life is nothing but transactions (karmas), both credit and debit. Credit transactions (good actions) give us good feelings, while debit transactions (misdeeds) cause unhappiness. And sometimes, we have to do both credit and debit transactions together.

More credits help us add more assets and lessen the liabilities, while excess debits will deplete assets and increase liabilities. But after all additions…

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