Art Is Dead, Dude…!?

Art not dead as long as human hearts beat. Life itself is performance art, each life a unique expression of love…


Jason Allen’s work, “Theatre D’Opera Spatial,” took home the blue ribbon in a Colorado fair’s contest for digital artists, becoming one of the first A.I.-generated pieces to win such a prize. It set off a fierce backlash from artists….

Mr. Allen, the blue-ribbon winner, said he empathized with artists who were scared that A.I. tools would put them out of work. But he said their anger should be directed not at individuals who use DALL-E 2 or Midjourney to make art but at companies that choose to replace human artists with A.I. tools.

“It shouldn’t be an indictment of the technology itself,” he said. “The ethics isn’t in the technology. It’s in the people.”

And he urged artists to overcome their objections to A.I., even if only as a coping strategy.

“This isn’t going to stop,” Mr. Allen said. “Art is dead, dude. It’s over. A.I. won. Humans lost.”


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Jugamos a la vida

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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Jugamos a la vida sin sospechar que un día, a cierta hora, se extinguen los motivos y las razones. Recorrimos las páginas de la existencia, como quien da vuelta a las hojas de un libro que tiene un principio y un final, mientras la arena del reloj solía resbalar tan callada y despacio que no sabíamos que su huida era permanente. Fuimos personajes de un guión del cual, en amplio porcentaje, perteneció a nuestra autoría. Estábamos en el tablero, donde unos elegían los casilleros que les atraían o que les parecían convenientes y otros -la mayoría, quizá- esperaban que alguien los moviera junto con las piezas que les acompañaban en la partida. Los encantos y los desencantos de la vida, ofrecieron, durante nuestra caminata, encuentros y desencuentros, dulzuras y amarguras, cargas y liviandades. Y así se sucedieron los minutos…

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Kingston Creative launches the Caribbean Creative Network

Petchary's Blog

There is always this tremendous forward movement from Kingston Creative. Forging ahead! Sustainability, accessibility, and visibility are critical for creative people. Here is the latest piece of the picture. Cheers to IDB Lab, the DBJ and American Friends of Jamaica for their support!


Kingston Creative Launches Database of 370 Caribbean Creatives

Kingston Creative has launched the Caribbean Creative Network (CCN); a public, searchable online database of artists and cultural and creative industry stakeholders.  The new platform is  sponsored by IDB Lab, the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), and the American Friends of Jamaica. 370 creatives, and counting, from 21 countries across the Caribbean are already listed on the network and their portfolios can be viewed at

Jamaican animator and visual artist Tahja Winkle. (Photo: Kingston Creative)

“This new database is crucial to strengthening the digital footprint of Caribbean artists, making our work more visible to potential clients, investors, and colleagues,” said Tahja…

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Conservative Groups Urging Lawmakers To Vote ‘No’ On More Ukraine Aid – Defense One (Me: Putin’s puppets – American conservatives… what a shame that they now support invaders and don’t support democracy abroad or at home…)

Conservative groups are lobbying members of Congress to vote against the White House’s request for additional money for Ukraine, arguing that the administration is asking for a blank check with no long-term plan to end the war. Source: Conservative Groups Urging Lawmakers To Vote ‘No’ On More Ukraine Aid – Defense One

Democracy: Voting in Connecticut — Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

While story, learning from others in their languages, and continuous educational updating all connect vitally to our democracy, voting is the most visible. Voting in this upcoming midterm is especially crucial. Click to learn more about how to help the voting process in CT, and then, This letter may also be useful once adapted, “The […]

Democracy: Voting in Connecticut — Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

Violencia Doméstica comigo!

” A mulher que é vítima da violência doméstica, ela não é só silenciada, é também um ser invisível para o resto da sociedade, porque por viver sob a autoridade do marido, essa mulher abdica parte de seus direitos em prol do outro. No caso, ela faz isso em nome do amor, da proteção e segurança que ela imagina ter. Em ambos os casos: proteção e segurança vira sinônimo de caos, quando em meio ao desprezo, a sentença é dura – e talvez fosse diferente se houvesse verdadeiramente, o amor. Mas pela ausência deste, vem o abandono, os insultos, as punições, o aumento da agressividade e no último caso, a morte dessa mulher. “

Marii Freire. Violência Doméstica comigo!

Imagem: pinterest/Tiger Boss

Santarém, Pá 11 de setembro de 2022

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