What Drives The Election Roller Coaster?

Democrats can win if they stick with the issues that have enraged women and POC, otherwise they risk becoming mush that does not get people out to wait in line to vote or fill out absentee ballots and mail them in or drop them off!

Filosofa's Word

The upcoming elections remind me watching a game of tennis, or ping pong … back, forth, left, right, back, forth. Round and round she goes, where she lands no one knows. To say that it is stressful is an understatement! Frank Bruni’s latest column sums it all up fairly nicely …

Live By the Trump, Die By the Trump

By Frank Bruni

8 September 2022

Democrats were doomed. We prediction-mad pundits felt predictable certainty about that. The recent history of midterm elections augured disaster for the party in power. Inflation would make the damage that much worse.

So why are Republicans sweating?

Their overreach on abortion and the subsequent mobilization of women voters explain a great deal but not everything. There’s another prominent plotline. Its protagonist is Donald Trump. And its possible moral is a sweet and overdue pileup of clichés — about reaping what you sow, paying the piper…

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