Help Share the Diminishing Return “Afterword” for World Suicide Prevention Day

Joseph D. Newcomer

Please help me share this part of my book on social media and reblog on WordPress for anyone who may need it:

I wanted to share this part of my new book with everyone, at no cost, so that it might reach more people. I realize some of you just aren’t into reading and some of you purchased my novel just to support my writing and you may never actually read it, but this is something I wanted everyone to have a chance to read, regardless of whether you read Diminishing Return or not.

This is the Afterword of the novel and will in no way spoil the plot. If you have ever been affected in any way by suicide or depression (I think I can safely assume that will be a large percentage of us), please share this as you see fit. It may not help anyone and I’m…

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