Part of a Quickie Society

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Image Credit: Stepan Kulyk

Are we a part of a microwaveable society

where everything should be fast,

faster, or the fastest?

Are we impatient because we have become conditioned

to that which holds the shortcuts

for some process that shouldn’t be abbreviated?

Do we link ourselves to rushing,

to reach a result,

brief, rapid, a quickie

paddling to a swift stroke

but missing the boat to enjoy,

learn, and grow from the journey?

Have we rushed to get somewhere fast

only to discover we are the only ones lost

because we crash landed at a high rate of speed,

stressed out, just to be first?

Depending on what your fast is for,

if competition sets your pace

focus and staying power is the pronounced key to your tour.

©Kym Gordon Moore, 2022

Image Credit: Sound Media

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