♫ We Didn’t Start The Fire ♫

Loved this tune and still do…

Filosofa's Word

I last (and only) played this one three years ago, but it’s one of those songs like John Lennon’s Imagine that is timeless.  The lyrics are a stream of consciousness list of more than 100 events that Joel felt his generation was not responsible for. Many of the references are to the Cold War (U.S. vs. Russia), a problem his generation inherited.


Joel says he got the idea for the song after a conversation with his friend, Sean Lennon, son of Beatle John Lennon, on the event of Sean’s 21st birthday, .  The conversation went like this:

Lennon:It’s a terrible time to be 21!

Joel:Yeah, I remember when I was 21 – I thought it was an awful time and we had Vietnam, and y’know, drug problems, and civil rights problems and everything seemed to be awful.

Lennon:Yeah, yeah, yeah, but it’s different for you. You…

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