Jolly Funday Monday

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Good morning and welcome to …


But alas, Jolly, Joyful and I have conspired to bring you a few smiles and maybe even a chuckle or two on this Monday morning!  First, how about a little snack?  Help yourselves!!!

See, guys, I wememberd da bacon dis time!!!  I hope dere’s enough for everyone!

Jolly suggests that we start with some animal memes he collected over the last week or so …

  Gwammie … doesn’t dis one wemind you of our Boo an’ how he likes to type on your ‘puter?

And we’ve got ‘toons, ‘toons, and more ‘toons for your Monday morning pleasure!

And, naturally, there simply MUST be a cute critter video … we hope you fall in love with Wally & Buggy like we did!

Well, friends, we’ve had a great time with you this Monday morning, but we know you have things to do, places…

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