♫ There’s A Ghost In My House ♫

Filosofa's Word

As a rule, I typically play only songs that I like at least a little bit here on Filosofa’s Word.  However, once or twice in the past I’ve stepped outside that box, and today is yet another such time.  A few days ago, our friend Clive mentioned R. Dean Taylor.  Now, the only song I could recall by Taylor was Indiana Wants Me, which I played here last year, but Clive mentioned There’s A Ghost In My House, which I was pretty sure I had never heard.  Veni, Vidi, Odi.  I came, I saw, I didn’t like.  However, since Clive is a good friend, I decided to give it a second shot yesterday.  It was slightly less annoying than the first time I listened.  Clive is convinced I won’t play it here, so … being a somewhat stubborn person, and liking to have a bit of fun, I…

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