Political will and maturity required for a consensus on crime in Jamaica

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The number of murders in Jamaica passed the 1,000 mark for the year recently (can you imagine). It is always a grim milestone. We measure our “crime problem” by the number of lives lost – men, women and children – every year. They are not numbers. They are grandmothers. They are schoolchildren. They are abused women. They are lost young men. They are farmers and bartenders and teachers and students and unemployed and homeless and seniors and retirees and the mentally ill and yes – gang members.

Let me remind you that Jamaica currently has the second highest murder rate in the Americas (or rather, in the world) this year to date – it is 43.85 per 100,000 people, after El Salvador.

Residents of Gayle, St. Mary, gather at yet another murder scene, this time of a well known retired teacher. (Scene grab from the “Frankly Speaking” podcast).

In his…

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