Shorebirds are special. Let’s show up for them!

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Across the Caribbean region, and right around the world, citizen scientists, ornithologists, students, naturalists, conservationists, bird-lovers and birdwatchers, and environmentalists will be searching for shorebirds. World Shorebirds Day is Tuesday, September 6, 2022 and the period when the bird counters will be counting is from September 1 to 7.

Shorebirds are quite enchanting birds, all shapes and sizes. They were my first introduction to birding, when my father used to take us children down to the chilly, often wet and windy British seashore (usually in winter time) so that he could watch distant birds down on the mudflats of the south coast. Of course, he was the only one with binoculars! We children used to stand around, cold, bored, and longing to go home. But the shorebirds held a magic for my Dad – as they do now, for me.

Caribbean Shorebirds in all shapes and sizes. From left to…

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