Shorebirds are special. Let’s show up for them!

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Across the Caribbean region, and right around the world, citizen scientists, ornithologists, students, naturalists, conservationists, bird-lovers and birdwatchers, and environmentalists will be searching for shorebirds. World Shorebirds Day is Tuesday, September 6, 2022 and the period when the bird counters will be counting is from September 1 to 7.

Shorebirds are quite enchanting birds, all shapes and sizes. They were my first introduction to birding, when my father used to take us children down to the chilly, often wet and windy British seashore (usually in winter time) so that he could watch distant birds down on the mudflats of the south coast. Of course, he was the only one with binoculars! We children used to stand around, cold, bored, and longing to go home. But the shorebirds held a magic for my Dad – as they do now, for me.

Caribbean Shorebirds in all shapes and sizes. From left to…

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FDR Quotations — Filosofa’s Word

Originally posted on charles french words reading and writing: “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.” “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The…

FDR Quotations — Filosofa’s Word

El poema de los minutos y de las horas

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

Los minutos y las horas son palabras silenciosas, péndulos que columpian pedazos de vida, lenguaje y susurros de engranajes y de maquinaria que trabajan de día y de noche, poemas que el tiempo escribe cuando se siente inspirado. Los instantes, cuando callan, dicen tanto; los momentos, al hablar, suelen ocultarse. Los segundos guardan tantos mensajes. El tiempo es un libro que uno aprende a leer cotidianamente con la idea de no extraviarse y seguir un camino, una ruta. Los minutos que otros desdeñan y malbaratan, algunos los transforman en puentes y sendas para transitar al otro extremo, a la orilla donde finaliza la temporalidad y empieza el infinito. El tiempo es un canto que escucho siempre, aunque unos y otros, por modernidad, pretendan suprimir sus manecillas infatigables. El tiempo, dicen, marca huellas en los rostros, en la piel, en…

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Relacionamento abusivo comigo!

É comum em nome do amor, as pessoas criarem expectativas em relação as outras. Quando se ama, tem essa coisa da idealização do parceiroou da parceira. As mulheres, principalmente, tentam associar amor, o cuidado, a dedicação e o carinho ao homem ( amado). Afinal, a vida inteira, querendo ou não, é necessário dizer que, a mulher é preparada para encontrar o homem, o parceiro ideal ( o príncipe encantado), que a fará feliz. Um homem que dentre muitas qualidades, terá a capacidade de enxergar as suas obviamente.

Não é à toa que, muitas mulheres querem construir uma relação sólida, ao encontrar alguém que exalte as qualidades, e que a ame do jeito que são, elas esquecem de considerar fatores importantes, pelo simples fato de se sentirem confiantes. Mas o que essas mulheres esquecem é que, muito do que elas fantasiam, não se transforma em realidade. Ainda assim persistem na tentava…

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Irreparable harm appears to lie in wait for us if the Republican shenanigans take hold in our country.  The situation gets wilder and wilder with the passage of time and the approach of elections.  I speak of what is being done to the ragtag of our public schools and the profession of medicine.  I don’t refer to the Mir-a-lego combustion.  Hopefully that is being attended to elsewhere.

My first concern is the eradication of sex education in the public schools.  Why did we ever begin sex education?  All those issues will become caustic again.  What is this?  Along with forced abortions we’re not going to warn children?  How dark! Not only did unwanted pregnancies cry out for sex education, but also vulnerability to child sexual abuse.  “A third of sexually abused children are abused before the age of nine.” (Finkelhor, 1986, p 229).  “Stranger danger” wasn’t a joke.

Equally as…

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California County Organized Health System and Three Health Care Providers Agree to Pay $70.7 Million for Alleged False Claims to California’s Medicaid Program | OPA | Department of Justice

The three settlements resolve allegations that Gold Coast, Ventura County, Dignity, and Clinicas knowingly submitted or caused the submission of false claims to Medi-Cal for “Additional Services” provided to Adult Expansion Medi-Cal members between Jan. 1, 2014, and May 31, 2015. The United States and California alleged that the payments were not “allowed medical expenses” under Gold Coast’s contract with DHCS; were pre-determined amounts that did not reflect the fair market value of any Additional Services provided; and/or the Additional Services were duplicative of services already required to be rendered. The United States and California further alleged that the payments were unlawful gifts of public funds in violation of Article IV, section 17 of the California Constitution.

As a result of the settlements, Gold Coast will pay $17.2 million to the United States; Ventura County will pay $29 million to the United States; Dignity will pay $10.8 million to the United States and $1.2 million to the State of California; and Clinicas will pay $11.25 million to the United States and $1.25 million to the State of California.


Source: California County Organized Health System and Three Health Care Providers Agree to Pay $70.7 Million for Alleged False Claims to California’s Medicaid Program | OPA | Department of Justice