Creating a Sustainable Sports Development Program for Bohol

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Now in the twilight of my years, I still dream of being able to contribute to my beloved Bohol. I recall how in the early 90s, a group of Boholanos in Metro Manila formed the Tapok Tapok Bol-anon with the dream of reaching out to provide positive contributions to the province of our birth.

We started off by donating computers to far-flung schools to address this lack. As technology developed, and more and more offices started offloading their old computers for newer ones, DepEd advised us to shift to technical and vocational equipment to address the lack of such for blue collar work. Thus, we moved on to distributing welding machines, sewing machines, cooking equipment and even musical instruments and garden tools, depending on what our students needed. Later, we became more ambitious and started to construct school buildings in the hinterlands, with notable partners such as the ABS-CBN Foundation…

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