Carlos Drummond de Andrade comigo!

” Sou apenas um homem.

Um homem pequenino à beira de um rio.

Vejo as águas que passam e não as compreendo.

Sei apenas que é noite porque me chamam de casa.

Vi que amanheceu porque os galos cantaram.

Como poderia compreender-te, América?

É muito difícil.

Rio Tapajós

Passa a mão na cabeça que embranquecer.

O rosto denuncia certa experiência.

A mão escreveu tanto, e não sabe contar!

A boca também não sabe.

Os olhos sabem- e calam-se.

Ai, América, só suspirando.

Suspirando brando, que pelos ares vai se exalando.

Lembro alguns homens que me acompanhavam e hoje não acompanham.

Inútil chamá-los: o vento, as doenças, o simples tempo

dispersaram esses velhos amigos em pequenos cemitérios do interior,

por trás de cordilheiras ou dentro do mar.

Eles me ajudaram, América, neste momento

de tímida conversa de amor.

Ah, por que tocar em cordilheiras e oceanos!

Sou tão pequeno ( sou…

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Russia razes Ukrainian city to the ground and says ‘there’s no point’ to rebuilding it


Before Russia’s full-scale invasion, this city, close to the frontline, had a population of over 20 thousand.  Russia’s attempts to seize the city began in the middle of March, and ended with the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ retreat on 7 May.  It is believed that Russia used both Wagner Unit mercenaries and ‘Kadyrovtsi’, the forces linked with the brutal Kremlin-installed leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

A lot of the evidence of Russia’s scorched-earth war tactics and of horrific crimes have initially come from Russian or ‘pro-Russian’ sources.  On 5 May, CNN posted drone footage which they said had come from a pro-Russian Telegram channel.  In his comments, Serhiy Haidai , Governor of the Luhansk oblast, was quoted as saying that the Russians are not just destroying Popasna, but are wiping it off the map of Luhansk oblast.  In the centre of the city, all buildings have either been destroyed totally or badly damaged, with most seemingly hit by Russian artillery or rocket fire.  CNN notes that the drone may have been used to help the Russians find the last Ukrainian defenders, with the Russians seen hunting down Ukrainian soldiers trying to hide inside a shed, and a Russian hurling at least four grenades into or near the shed.

Source: Russia razes Ukrainian city to the ground and says ‘there’s no point’ to rebuilding it

Apple pie


It had been about six months since I had made an apple pie. Delicious with ice cream, whipped cream or vanilla sauce. Or all three. Appeltaart (apple pie in Dutch) is the pride of the Netherlands and can be found in any (good) café. In my opinion, it is forbidden to eat the apple pie cold. It should be warmed in the oven, or at least at room temperature. Also delicious as a dessert!

♡ 200 grams soft butter (+ extra)
♡ 200 grams white sugar
♡ 1 sachet of 8 gram vanilla sugar
♡ Half a teaspoon ground cinnamon
♡ 400 self-rising flour
♡ Pinch of salt
♡ 1 egg
♡ Breadcrumbs

♡ 100 grams of sultanas (optional)
♡ 8 jonagold apples
♡ 100 grams of peeled walnuts
♡ 4 tbsp sugar
♡ 1 sachet vanilla sugar
♡ 3 teaspoons cinnamon
♡ a bit of rum (optional)

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A Preliminary Inventory of Trump’s Lies about the Mar-a-Lago Search — NANMYKEL.COM

Originally posted on Bob Shepherd | Praxis: Don the Con, how do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways from just the last few days. Trump suggested that the FBI might have “planted” documents when he knew that he and his family members had watched the search live on Mar-a-lago’s closed-circuit television system. So, this…

A Preliminary Inventory of Trump’s Lies about the Mar-a-Lago Search — NANMYKEL.COM