Salt Lake County council says on Twitter that babies are not connect to women’s bodies (Me: Dumber than dumb and cruel to boot)

Salt Lake County council member Dave Alvord says fetuses are not part of a mother’s body because the umbilical cord and placenta do not connect directly to the woman.

That isn’t true, but Alvord is standing by his comments in the wake of the social media pile-on he’s faced after airing those views on Twitter, in response to a tweet by Vice President Kamala Harris.

Asked Wednesday about where Alvord got his information, whether he stands by the comments, the backlash he’s faced online — and what he thinks about one abortion-access advocate calling his tweet “seriously uninformed,” the Republican council member declined to respond.

“It appears this is a story about social media, so it seems more appropriate we leave it there,” Alvord said in a text message. “I’ll tweet a response on Twitter. Thanks for your consideration and allowing me the chance to respond.”

Alvord made the initial comment Saturday morning in response to a tweet from Harris saying women should be able to make decisions about their own bodies without interference from the government.

Source: Salt Lake County council says on Twitter that babies are not connect to women’s bodies

Jamaica’s Health Ministry commits to establishing dedicated Stroke Units. Much needed!

Petchary's Blog

I can honestly say that I only had a vague idea of what happens when someone has a stroke – – until my husband had one, just about six months ago. What is more (compounding the shock of the stroke diagnosis itself) we did not recognise the symptoms at all. Our first instinct was that it might be COVID. A COVID test proved negative. Then, what was it? Meanwhile, we were wondering: Why was he walking funny, tilting over to one side? Why was his eyesight so bad that he was seeing double, or triple? Why did he have such a bad headache, and dizziness?

When we walked down to our friendly neighbourhood pharmacy (my poor husband barely made it) our young, dedicated pharmacist – who has become part of our health support team over the past year or two – took my husband’s blood pressure. It was sky high…

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Helping To Share New Tools is Win-Win

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

     I just heard from a fellow Manzilla, descended from Emily Manzilla Pinn, and Civil War hero Robert A. Pinn, to become more computer independent!  Since Do Better is not on Amazon (and I’m still sort of open to putting it up there, opinions needed…) due to their refusal to allow FREE as a price, getting the file onto an older Kindle (with no browser) requires transfering the .mobi file (which I can email to anyone needing it) via Calibre, my favorite free ebook s/w.

  While I am quite used to doing this, I found that it is not as simple for others.  So, we walked through it, and now, another (Boomer generation!) person is another tool further empowered!  And it was really wonderful to see her increasing confidence as we talked through the steps over the phone.

  I am so grateful!

Shira Destinie


Click here…

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Autorrespeito comigo!

” Autorrespeito é dizer não àquilo que não queremos”

Marii Freire

O autorrespeito é quando o indivíduo se coloca como centro de si mesmo. Nao é egoísmo. É sim, o respeito, ou o mesmo, o ” limite” que cada pessoa acrescenta a si, a vida, sobre o fato de tolerar determinadas coisas, e ter a clareza sobre tomar decisões que ajudam a gerir a própria vida. Claro, somos seres únicos, e tendo essa consciência, se constrói muros que servem de proteção para aquilo que possa nos atingir. Na verdade, o autorrespeito é importante, porque nos faz enxergar o nosso próprio valor. São questões inegociáveis que fazem com que cada pessoa absorva o que é importante.

O foco do autorrespeito é construir o que é bom pra nós. É acionar a consciência sobre tudo aquilo é indispensável ao indivíduo. Ora, imagine, não tem pessoas que transferem a responsabilidade de suas vidas…

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The Final Evidence of a Cult of Hypocrisy — Filosofa’s Word

Originally posted on The World As It Is. Not As It Should Be: Maybe it’s one of those classic features of old age, maybe it comes from reading volumes of military and political histories or maybe it’s ‘Just Because….’  . Anyway, I can accept Misdirection, Distortion and even Downright Lies as part of the whole box…

The Final Evidence of a Cult of Hypocrisy — Filosofa’s Word

10 Fun Facts About Sleep You Didn’t Know


To commence with 10 Fun Facts about Sleep You didn’t know, let’s see what is sleep. Sleep is a typically repetitive condition of mind and body, identified by altered alertness, comparatively reserved sensory activity, decreased muscle activity and reservation of almost all voluntary muscles during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and limited interactions with the environment.

So, Here are, 10 Fun Facts About Sleep You Didn’t Know:

Number 10: when you are snoring, you can’t dream,

Number 9: on average, a person spends nearly six years dreaming during sleep,

Number 8: while sleeping dolphins keep half of their brain awake this
sleep behavior helps them guard against predators

Number 7: a study done by Xu Yan University in Hong Kong shows that your sleep positions can affect, the kinds of dreams you have. According to the study, people who slept on their stomach had more dreams related to sex than…

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