Write to Your Younger You

From Behind the Pen

Image Credit: eroyka

We have heard people ask, “What would you say right now to your younger self?” “What advice would you give to your younger you?” What would you change or not change if you could talk to your inner youth right this moment, where you are in your self-care zone? How do you respond to yourself?

Becoming adults, we sometimes ruminate on our youth, our experiences, our triumphs, and even occasionally our regrets. Sometimes we find ourselves fizzling and worn around the edges and wonder how we ended up where we are, whether it was by choice or chance.

So why not write a letter to your younger self? (Dear Younger Self) – will you be able to finally free and forgive yourself of things that were holding you hostage for far too long? Even if that younger you is from five or ten years ago, write anyway…

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