Jamaicans for Justice launch a booklet of our Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms – made simple

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As I mentioned, Jamaica is currently recognizing – and in most cases, celebrating – its 60th anniversary of Independence. This is such a large, round number that special attention is being paid to “Jamaica 60.” What progress has been made in the past six decades since the flag of the “Coloniser” descended a flagpole in Kingston at midnight on August 5, 1962 (more about how Jamaica’s national flag was chosenhere).

By the way, the word “colonising”was used by Senator Lidia Thorpe, an indigenous Australian parliamentarian recently to describe Queen Elizabeth II, as she was sworn in with a clenched fist held high. She was interrupted and told to stick to the script of her oath of allegiance, which she eventually did – albeit in a sarcastic tone of voice. She had made her point, anyway.

Back to “decolonized” Jamaica. Perhaps this large number 60 has prompted some…

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