10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #84

Content Catnip

I hope this edition of 10 things takes you into a sparkling lunar landscape of soaring birds and long-lost but loving fireflies, that’s what anybody would want or need in life…enjoy edition #84.

‘Tawai’ Dreamy, jazzy intelligent Drum N’Bass by Džiunglių Dvasios

Here is some cruisy, uplifting drum and bass by one of my favourite artists. In case you missed it I actually love this artist so much that I interviewed them here. This album is perfect background music for working on your blog, coding, making art or doing something creative.

Female giraffes in Tanzania live longer if they live together in groups with their besties

Another uplifting gem of a news story from the Happy Broadcast and Ecowatch.

Today, only 111,000 individual giraffes remain in Tanzania. Forming close relationships with fellow giraffes, however, could increase a female’s chances at survival,researchers found.

“Grouping with more females, called…

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