Goodbye Filthy Russia

Politically Poetic

Goodbye filthy Russia - a country of tyrants 
Country of fear and cold hearts
The land that stuck in the mid of ages
Hating future, present, and past. 
Goodbye filthy Russia- you never knew freedom
For you feel protected behind tzars
Behind your KGB-ruled orthodox religion 
In golden phelonions concealing guns.
Goodbye filthy Russia – get ready for break ups
Tatarstan and Bashkiria are at the door
Komi and Khabarovsk will keep the light shining
Their longing for freedom must be restored.
Goodbye filthy Russia - a land of deception 
Where fiction precedes truth
Where decency sensed as an enemy 
Where shepherds of sheep turned to wolves. 
Goodbye filthy Russia – you are cruel 
Cast ominous shadows over innocent lives
Unsatisfied thirst for blood - for the sake of power
Poisoning souls, killing dreams with sharpened knives.

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