French Friday during The Nine Days, Sartre, & Nausea

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     I read this book while learning French, but even at my intermediate level of French skill, it was clear that I hated this book.  Sorry, I know it is classic, but still:
I am sure I reviewed this in French a few years ago, but maybe it was elsewhere, on Livraddict or Vimeo, so I’ll have to search and find my original review and translate it when I have time and energy. Suffice it to say that I hated this book because it sank my hope in Humanity.

His cynical list of different types of Humanists, all either hypocritical or simply stupid, was so depressing that the book itself left me feeling nauseous.   I suppose I ought to read it again, but do I have to, really?

Can’t we human beings do any better for ourselves?



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B5, Hakan: Muhafiz/Protector, 

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