Consider being Considerate 8/5

The daily addict

I really like this word.

Considerate : (a) careful not to cause inconvenience or hurt to others (b) showing careful thought

This for me is an action word that demonstrates grace and kindness to the others…be it friend or stranger.

One day I was at a close friends house and we were sitting outside. I had put my hat on the ground and I asked her if she could pick it up for me; my back was unable to bend properly that day.

Well, I will never forget what happened next. She picked up my hat and before she handed it to me she brushed off any dirt that might have been on it.

It was a small gesture but it was very considerate.

If I am acting reckless or being selfish and self centered…..that energy is just swirling all around me and the others.

When I slow down..get…

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