Amor não machuca comigo!

No dia a dia, é muito comum na relação amorosa, o trabalho, o estresse, a falta de tempo, ou até mesmo, situações tensas bloquear o estado emocional do casal. Inclusive, esse resultado impactar na vida a dois, assim como na qualidade da saúde da relação. E, por falar em saúde da relação, muitos casais, não tem tempo, não conversam, não dizemo o que é importante. Por isso, se distanciam do que deveriam enxergar com clareza.

Além disso, é possível constatar algumas atitudes que revelam comportamentos agressivos e forçosos, o que interfete muito nas atitudes. De repente, se observa casais que não têm o mínimo de paciência para conversar de maneira saudável. O bom humor, é claro – deixa de existir, dando espaço a acontecimentos permeados de desencanto, conflitos, isolamento e agressividade.

A primeira vulnerabilidade do casal, revela a falta de paciência, equilíbrio, assimetria, e tudo aquilo que aos poucos, causa…

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Goodbye Filthy Russia

Grounds For Hope

Goodbye filthy Russia - a country of tyrants 
Country of fear and cold hearts
The land that stuck in the mid of ages
Hating future, present, and past. 
Goodbye filthy Russia- you never knew freedom
For you feel protected behind tzars
Behind your KGB-ruled orthodox religion 
In golden phelonions concealing guns.
Goodbye filthy Russia – get ready for break ups
Tatarstan and Bashkiria are at the door
Komi and Khabarovsk will keep the light shining
Their longing for freedom must be restored.
Goodbye filthy Russia - a land of deception 
Where fiction precedes truth
Where decency sensed as an enemy 
Where shepherds of sheep turned to wolves. 
Goodbye filthy Russia – you are cruel 
Cast ominous shadows over innocent lives
Unsatisfied thirst for blood - for the sake of power
Poisoning souls, killing dreams with sharpened knives.

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Coming to you via Jill Dennison, Ned Hanson and myself–originally in the Atlantic by Brian Klaas, a global-politics professor at University College London. He is the author of Corruptible: Who Gets Power and How It Changes Us, so he knows of what he speaks here:

America’s Self-Obsession Is Killing Its Democracy

The U.S. still has a chance to fix itself before 2024. But when democracies start dying—as ours already has—they usually don’t recover.  By Brian KlaasIn 2009, a violent mob stormed the presidential palace in Madagascar, a deeply impoverished red-earthed island off the coast of East Africa. They had been incited to violence by opportunistic politicians and media personalities, successfully triggering a coup. A few years later, I traveled to the island, to meet the new government’s ringleaders, the same men who had unleashed the mob.

As we sipped our coffees and I asked them questions, one of…

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US library defunded after refusing to censor LGBTQ authors: ‘We will not ban the books’ | Libraries | The Guardian

“Our librarians are qualified. They have advanced degrees,” she said. “We want to make sure that the people who have been hired to do this work are trusted and credible, and that they’re making sure that the full community is represented within their library. And that means having LGBTQ books.”

If community members oppose the inclusion of certain books, there are formal means of requesting their removal, involving a review committee and ascertainment that the person making the appeal has actually read the book in question. But recently, she said, people have been “going to board meetings, whether it’s a library board meeting or a school board meeting and saying, ‘Here’s a list of 300 books. We want them all to be removed from your library.’ And that’s not the proper channel, but they’re loud and their voices carry.”

Source: US library defunded after refusing to censor LGBTQ authors: ‘We will not ban the books’ | Libraries | The Guardian