Top FL Official Sows Distrust Of Monkeypox Vaccine – Scottie’s Playtime “It’s just kind of remarkable to see some of the headlines — the headlines that very clearly are trying to make you afraid of monkeypox or fill-in-the-blank. “You know, because if you’re not afraid of this there will be something else after that and something else after that. “These people are determined to make…
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Just so wrong and evil – the whole GOP machine in Florida

Não viva para agradar os outros comigo!

Não viva para agradar os outros. Viva sim, para agradar a si mesma. Quantas mulheres se privam de fazer o que gostam para querer agradar as outras pessoas, o namorado, ou a sociedade? Muitas. Tem mulher que não corta o cabelo curto, usa uma roupa justa porque o namorado não aprova, ou porque a sociedade diminue as suas qualidades como mulher. Desconfio de boas intenções neste caso. Afinal, quem determina o que? Você ou a outra pessoa? Há relatos de mulheres que ao falar sobre essa realidade, dizem sofrer perseguições por homens e até mesmo, por outras mulheres que surgem com provocações pejorativas como ” homenzinho” ou ” sapatão” e outros, na tentava de diminuir as suas qualidades. Tudo isso reflete a questão de conceitos de uma sociedade machista e preconceituosa que recrimina e delimita as ações da mulher.

Raciocínios desse tipo repercutem de forma preconceituosa toda e qualquer ação…

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Why Solar Roasting Could Be the Future for New Mexico’s Chiles – Gastro Obscura

The engineers showcasing their roasted chiles. As a third-generation New Mexican chile farmer-turned-renewable energy expert, Armijo is uniquely equipped to tackle the problem. Using several sacks of chiles provided by his father, Armijo got to work. By setting up a traditional steel-drum tumbling roaster at the top of the facility tower and focusing dozens of heliostats, or mirror-like devices, on it, he was able to maintain consistent roasting temperatures of around 900° F.

By the time he finished roasting the chiles, he was convinced he was onto something. Not only did the solar-roasted chiles cook in six minutes, but they also sported a more uniform level of caramelization compared to the traditional way. In an informal comparison, taste-testers preferred the flavor of the sun-roasted Socorro chiles. Armijo believes there could be a future where these kinds of solar cookers could become more modular and widely available.

Source: Why Solar Roasting Could Be the Future for New Mexico’s Chiles – Gastro Obscura

Violência Física comigo!

Nenhuma relação construída com base na dor, suporta o peso da realidade.

” Não se diminua para caber na vida de alguém. Não conviva com maus-tratos. E o mais importante: NÃO INOCENTE QUEM TE MACHUCA. “

Marii Freire. MULHER Do ostracismo à luta pelos direitos nos dias atuais. comigo!

Imagem & criação: Marii Freire/ comigo!

Santarém, Pá 4 de agosto de 2022

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Texas Man Sentenced on Hate Crime Charges for Attacking Asian Family | OPA | Department of Justice

The Justice Department today announced that Jose Gomez III, 21, of Midland, Texas, was sentenced to 25 years in prison on hate crime charges for attacking an Asian family he believed was Chinese and therefore responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.  Gomez had previously pleaded guilty to three counts of committing a hate crime.

According to the facts admitted in the plea, on March 14, 2020, Gomez entered a Sam’s Club Warehouse in Midland, Texas, behind an Asian family with young children. Gomez had never seen them before and believed they were Chinese. Gomez followed them in the store for several minutes because he perceived them to be a “threat” as they were “from the country who started spreading that disease around.” Gomez then momentarily left the family to find a serrated steak knife in the store. Gomez bent the blade so that when he held the handle in his fist, the blade rested against his knuckles, sharp-edge facing outward. Gomez returned to the Asian family and punched the father, B.C., in the face, cutting him. Gomez then left to retrieve an eight-inch knife from the store. When Gomez returned to B.C., Gomez abruptly turned towards B.C.’s two young children – then aged six and two years old – who were seated in the front basket of the shopping cart. Gomez slashed open the face of R.C., the then-six-year-old child. The blade entered millimeters from R.C.’s right eye, split his right ear, and wrapped around to the back of his skull.  Gomez also stabbed a white Sam’s Club employee, Z.O., who intervened to stop Gomez from further assaulting the Asian family. While being held down on the ground, Gomez yelled at the Asian family, “Get out of America!”

Source: Texas Man Sentenced on Hate Crime Charges for Attacking Asian Family | OPA | Department of Justice

Da Snark MUST Be Shared!

Filosofa's Word

Ever notice how in certain weather, your head and chest just seem to fill with ‘stuff’ and you sneeze, wheeze, gasp and cough until you think surely you’ve coughed up a lung?  Well, in certain political climes, my head just fills to the gills with snark, and there’s only one way to alleviate the symptoms … share it!

You could’a knocked me over with a feather …

Yesterday was a red-letter day in the United States Congress!  Why?  Because the Senate … members on both sides of the aisle … actually agreed on something and voted 95 to 1 to allow Sweden and Finland to join NATO!  95-1 … can you believe it???  I think this is the most cohesion we’ve seen in the Senate since … since … maybe 1867 or thereabouts!  Granted, there is little reason to object to allowing these two nations to join NATO … it…

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