Be Nice to Your Librarian


Image:  Not Quite

Should I  have titled this “Shame Shame Shame” or the title I finally used?  My empathy overcame my anger, I guess.

As Claire Moses reports in yesterday’s nytimes,  librarians are being given  grief by those who want to prevent others from reading certain books.  The Proud Boys, ushered in by police, ceremoniously prevented a children’s library story hour earlier, and Moses reported that a librarian in Texas quit after 18 years because she was harassed online. She moved out of state and took a job in tech.  I thought it was the other, non-democratic countries like Russia that put restraints on information.  I reckon it’s the result hof the saboteurs of our previous way of life. Moses doesn’t bring abortion into her discussion, but I do:

Not only is it not enough to make women bear unwanted foetuses, but to control what those foetuses can put into…

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