Minbari Mondays, ” Epiphanies” (B5:s4e7) & Loose Ends, or, “Attention To Detail”

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story


1.) The end is not always the end,


2.) Never throw away those who’ve sacrificed for your cause.   It could be bad for your health.

On the station, Delenn is watching, with Captain Sheridan, from above, as the ‘commoners’ revel, celebrating their survival and the war’s end. The captain thinks maybe they are right to celebrate:

“Give me tomorrow and I will be happy.”

But back on earth, at PsyCorps HQ, they wonder about the something that had rattled their lead tyrant “big time” -I guess even they were kept in the dark about those Shadowy associates of Mr. Morden. Too bad they didn’t take all of their consequences with them…

G’Kar, meanwhile, is also back on the station after his torture at the hands of the Centauri, and now suffering from phantom eye syndrome. He explains the relationship to what power does, and what power costs…

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