GOP Maryland AG Nominee: 9/11 Was An “Inside Job”

Scottie's Playtime

This is what the republican party is now.   Conspiracy nuts, Qanon followers, religious fanatics, white supremacist racist bigots, and maga cult members.   These used to be fringe candidates if they were not simply ignored outright.   Now they are supported, funded, and put on ballots.    And in a lot of places they are winning.    Scary that if elected these people will be making our laws.   Hugs

CNN reports:

The Republican Party’s nominee for Maryland attorney general hosted a series of five radio shows in 2006 devoted to arguing in support of 9/11 conspiracy theories questioning if the terror attack was the work of an “elite bureaucrat” who had demolition charges in every building in New York City.

Michael Peroutka, a candidate best known for his ties to neo-Confederate organizations, made the remarks on The American View, a radio show…

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