Parashat Matot מַּטּוֹת 5782, & Outliers Still Have To Help

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     This week’s Torah portion, Matot (מַּטּוֹת),  is the 42nd (42/54 or 52, depending on the year: this year, it’s 54…) reading in the annual cycle, and the 9th parashah, second to last, in the book of B’Midbar/Numbers, although I normally think of it as Matot-Masei,  the 42 & 43 parshiot read together as a double-parashah, since it is doubled up so many years with next parashat Masei.  This week, in fact, we will also read both parshiot, but this year I will only look at Parashat Matot, which is read in B’Midbar/Numbers 30:2-32:42.

   So, among other things, two tribes see how nice the land is on the other side of the Jordan, and ask to have their inheritances there, instead of between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, like everybody else.  Moshe says ok, on condition that they still help everyone else conquer the…

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