♫ The Lion Sleeps Tonight ♫

Filosofa's Word

This is a redux from 2019, and what spurred it tonight was the next-to-the last painted door on my Saturday Surprise post earlier!  The minute I saw the lion, this song popped in and refused to leave my head!  For the record … my neighbor’s son, Tholfaqar, who I mentioned when I first posted this three years ago, has a car of his own now, and it isn’t the stereo that warns of his arrival, but the super-loud exhaust system!  He’s now 21 and is studying at Ohio State University to be a doctor!  We’re all so proud of him, despite the loud mufflers!

I was just trolling around through music files, rather in the mood for something old … something to transport me back to … wait … why on earth would I want to go back there???  A total aside … my neighbor’s son has just gotten his…

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