The Curious Case Of The Furious Mutton Handi

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Quaintly nestled in a fairytale valley amidst the lofty mountains of the mighty Himalayan range, in the backdrop of the mystic snowcapped peak of Mount Kanchenjunga glittering towards the pristine cerulean sky, stood an old and beautiful Anglican Boarding School, in the Darjeeling district of India’s West Bengal state. It was a magical land where one could touch the moist ivory clouds during the day and wonder at the beauty of a million dazzling stars brightly lit up across the night sky.

Established sometime in the sixth decade of the nineteenth century, with only thirty-one boarders and a few day scholars, now in the year 1980, around 600 students walked the stone halls of this historic educational institute. For the past hundred and twenty years, the academy had been churning out leagues of extraordinary gentlemen through its haloed gateways earning the nickname ‘Oxford of the East.’

The four teenage devils…

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  1. It’s always such an honour to see my story showcased in your blog Ned. Thank you so much for the constant support.

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