Rasool’s glasses|عینک رسول

A Voice from Iran

“130th story”

First published: Feb.20.2020

Rasool was a little boy when they moved from their village to the city of Shiraz.


He was a tall boy but always sat in the first row in his classroom just because it was the only way for him to see the blackboard.


Most of the time in the house, he kicked objects without intention.


His parents always accused him of being clumsy and stupid. Every time he wanted to move into the house, he tried to be more careful, but the same clumsiness kept happening.


Life was the same for him for years.

When he was in junior high, one of his mother’s friends visited them from their village to stay for a week. She was a delightful lady with a great attitude. After dinner, she brought a book out of her purse and a pair of glasses. In those days, not many…

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