La Casa de Papel / Money Heist Thursdays P3e1: No Torture!!

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    “We’re Back!!”    “Hemos Vuelto!!

And in style, too!!  Y en gran estilo, ademas!!

    Ok, now this time, even if for fault of good sense, has a good reason behind it!  I really want to see the Professor’s plan for this: stop the government from secretly torturing a wanted fugitive by robbing yet another bank?

   A ver, esta vez si hay una buen razon!  Queria ver el Plan del Profe: parar al gobierno de torturarn un fugitivo en robando otro banco?

  This is as if the Prof. has 6 kids!!    Es como el Profe tenia 6 hijos!!

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    Last week’s review was of the end of Part 2 (p2e9, in fact): La Casa de Papel/Money Heist Thursday p2e9: La Empatía y La Resistencia?? Empathy & Resistance??

and   Next week will be Part 3…

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