Turkish Tuesdays: Sihirli Annem (My Magical Mother): Betüş!

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        Last week we continued the early part of Bölüm 1/Episode 1: Turkish Tuesdays: Sihirli Annem (My Magical Mother): How Caring Dads Handle Kids… .  As I noted last week, the Youtube video has CCs in English and Turkish…), and having the Closed Captions available makes it easy to go back and read the words missed in listening, greatly speeding my language learning.  I hope it does the same for you.

   Last week, we left off with Sadık explaining Betüş’s love for the kids.   She is at her family home, getting ready for the wedding:

As we shall see next week, most of her family does not approve…

Next week we continue with bolum 1 / episode 1, at 3:54 in the video:   ;


Hoşça Kalın!

Action Items:

1.) Share two different sources related to the Sihirli Annem series, and to…

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