The Passion of Music 🎼

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With a show of hands, how many of you were in a band? Was it elementary and/or high school, college, orchestra, or another type of performance group? What instrument did you play?

Yeah, Baby! There is at least one thing that soothes the savage beast…MUSIC! The other is eating its prey. If it doesn’t soothe ’em, it will confuse ’em. Regardless of the tempo, or the genre, music can improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and as we witnessed during the onset of the COVID-19 lockdown, it could be an antidote to social isolation and loneliness. According to a study from Harvard University, relaxing music may lower blood pressure and heart rate after physical exertion. So, it’s good for your health? Now that’s a prescription I don’t mind filling. Come on, get on up and dance…no one is watching! Really.

The Passion of Music


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9 thoughts on “The Passion of Music 🎼”

    1. I think in music but never could master reading notes – grin. Did play Bongos and Conga drum pretty well though.

    2. Well now, there you go Ned. I haven’t physically played music or read notes in a while, but I believe that the spirit of music is felt, personally experienced and individually meaningful. Go on, beat your bongos and congos, then dance my friend! 🎵🥁🎶

    3. WOW, what a powerful song. I never heard this one before Ned. I don’t know how this song got by me, but it is truly a timeless rendition of the divine! Thank you for sharing this my friend. 🤗💖🤩🎶😊 Oh, by the way, continue to dance!!! 🕺🏼💃🏼🕺🏼

    4. OMG, she has a powerful message through her music. I listened to these two that you sent and I understand why she is adored. So many singers had their music banned speaking out against such a senseless war when there were so many other important issues that needed more attention. I appreciate the history lesson Ned! 😊💖🤗

    5. Outstanding and you are so right, the late 60s and early 70s were rallying cries for purpose and for people. We hear this through the words of so many amazing singers, musicians and artists. Thanks for keeping this part of history alive Ned! 🤗🎵😊

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