6 thoughts on “Full text of the Pope Francis’ residential school apology: ‘I am deeply sorry’ | Globalnews.ca”

  1. They have so much to apologise for. It would be better, if they promised to prevent things from happing in future and to prosecute the guilty parts. I don’t think that has happened yet, has it?

    1. No one has been prosecuted – not sure how many still living who were involved. Schools were reprehensible but it was government that legalized and led the removal of native children and sterilization of women in US, Canada, as well as Australia. If governments go white nationalist again, it could happen all over again or be directed against different minority based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Constant defense of democracy is needed around the world or…?

    2. Sometimes or I should say, many times predictable. In US, there is a 20 year cycle when ultra-conservative religious strife disrupts everything and then dies down when it gets too violent or crazy, only to be repeated again later on. In other societies similar cycles play out as well. Will we ever learn and progress? We have not yet but there is always hope.

    3. That is what I often ask myself, will we ever learn? Some people do, but they don’t reincarnate here, they move on. Some come back voluntarily to show us the way, but how do we treat them?

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