Coachella’s Parent Company Is Donating Cash to an Anti-Abortion Group – Rolling Stone

Several days later, on June 29, according to a filing submitted to the IRS in July, the Anschutz Corporation — a massive holding company that famously owns the live music giant AEG Presents, the parent company of several major festivals, including Coachella — made a donation of $75,000 to RAGA. The money from Anschutz Corporation comes as RAGA gears up for election season with the aim of installing Attorneys General who will enforce and champion anti-abortion laws in key states where abortion rights remain in limbo, such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Ohio, and Florida. Source: Coachella’s Parent Company Is Donating Cash to an Anti-Abortion Group – Rolling Stone


mask up everyone to save us all from more than just


…with the young’un bloggers.  I can’t even keep up with mature Diane Ravitch, who’s only a tad younger, it seems.

I’ve stumbled  recently on an exchange of ideas when viewing Diane and Jill Dennison and Keith Wilson that really gets to the nuts and bolts of things, and from many bloggers on the subject.  Maybe Ned Hanson offers such an offering, too.  Or maybe Word Press thought I just needed a change?  Whatever, I’m convinced that all I can offer at this point is an emotional touchstone.  Feelings I have, although rushed by a November election and the question of my own longevity (smile).  (I smile when I know I’m being a little grimmer than called for).

Maybe over a year ago I asked readers to think of jingles–maybe to old tunes–portraying issues of the political heart (though I was less flowery).  Today, after reading again The Moral Ground by…

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The Future Of The Nation …

Filosofa's Word

There is much debate, though I personally believe it is cut and dried, about whether or not a former president can be prosecuted for crimes committed while in office.  The debate isn’t about whether the crimes were committed, but simply about the precedent it would set to prosecute, about whether it’s true that nobody is above the law.  I think Charles Blow is spot on in his assessment in yesterday’s New York Times

We Can’t Afford Not to Prosecute Trump

By Charles M. Blow

Opinion Columnist

24 July 2022

We all learn from failure.

Our mistakes become the bridge to our successes, teaching us what works and what doesn’t, so that the next time we muster the will to try, we’ll succeed.

But nefarious actors can also learn from failure. And that, unfortunately, is where we find ourselves with Donald Trump. His entire foray into politics has been one…

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Nicolau Maquiavel comigo!

” Os homens hesitam menos em ofender quem se faz amar do que em ofender quem se faz temer; porque o amor é mantido por um vínculo de obrigação que, por serem homens pérfidos, é rompido por qualquer ocasião em benefício próprio; mas o temor é mantido por um medo de punição que não abandona jamais. “

Nicolau Maquiavel

Marii Freire Pereira comigo!

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Santarém, Pá 25 de julho de 2022

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Execution of Burma’s Pro-Democracy Leaders – United States Department of State

The United States condemns in the strongest terms the Burma military regime’s executions of pro-democracy activists and elected leaders Ko Jimmy, Phyo Zeya Thaw, Hla Myo Aung, and Aung Thura Zaw for the exercise of their fundamental freedoms. These reprehensible acts of violence further exemplify the regime’s complete disregard for human rights and the rule of law. Since the February 2021 coup, the regime has perpetuated violence against its own people, killing more than 2,100, displacing more than 700,000, and detaining thousands of innocent people, including members of civil society and journalists.

The regime’s sham trials and these executions are blatant attempts to extinguish democracy; these actions will never suppress the spirit of the brave people of Burma. The United States joins the people of Burma in their pursuit of freedom and democracy and calls on the regime to respect the democratic aspirations of the people who have shown they do not want to live one more day under the tyranny of military rule.

Source: Execution of Burma’s Pro-Democracy Leaders – United States Department of State

It’s Time To Dry The Herbs — In Dianes Kitchen

Dehydrating my home grown herbs is such a rewarding process for me, especially in the winter when I use them and know that we grew them. The picture above is our parsley, which went crazy this year. After picking the parsley, I rinse them thoroughly in a colander and let them drain well, until almost […]

It’s Time To Dry The Herbs — In Dianes Kitchen