How Do You Know?


There is the question, “How do you know?” Frequently, it is used in the rhetorical sense–often times as a retort, during a quarrel. In other instances, it is used in investigative journalism when the editors and reporters must determine whether or not something is factual. It is a useful question in science in the process of trying to disprove an hypothesis. For instance, the Sun is composed of about 92% hydrogen and about 8% helium. How do astronomers know? They use various techniques to determine such data, such as spectrum analysis. That is, studying the aspects of light emitted by our star.

However, the question, “How do you know?”, can be used when researching other areas of life. Asking oneself about the source of one’s own beliefs and biases can lead to living a more honest, joyful life. In this way, “How do I know?” opens the eyes to a…

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