Kaushal Kishore

I did something,
I got only one thing
consistency of criticisms,
condemnations and controversies,
people around me
were always eager to advise,
and I never liked their interruptions
that more often than not
distracted me from the path
I had set for myself…

I got broken several times
lost my self-confidence too
heart immersed in the cobweb
of emotions
and mind in the abyss of confusions,
finding reasons and justifications
for diversions and deviations
in those pearls of wisdom,
but in the maze of diversions
I found somehow a way for me
that helped me reach a destination
that was not not sought or thought,
but it’s mine now
and I’m more than satisfied…

I don’t know
if it was the contribution made
by my well-wishers or not,
but looking back I do feel
that they might have been planted
to bring me back every time
from the deviating…

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