P&G wants to save more water than it and we use. How is that possible?

Darcy Hitchcock

Proctor and Gamble makes a wide range of household products, from laundry detergent to shampoo. These products not only require water to make; they also require water to use. P&G wants to restore at least that much water. How?

First a quick reminder. All the water on earth is all the water there is. We don’t make water; we simply recycle it like nature does in the hydrological cycle. Humans, though, have a tendency to pollute the water (eg, through chemicals in fracking, dog poo, or leaking septic tanks) or move it away from its watershed (eg, piping the Colorado River water to Los Angeles, bottling water or exporting food crops.)

Sampling of P&G brands from their website: https://us.pg.com/brands/#Hair-Care

So how can P&G restore all that water that the company and we use associated with their products? Three ways.

Water efficiency

The first step is water efficiency in their own…

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