Bringing Up the Rear 🚂

Loved the sound of the train and two trips cross country on Amtrak…

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Image Credit:Linnaea Mallette

        Trains have always fascinated me. How could a big piece of machinery travel so far on slim rails and tiny wheels? There was something about seeing that bright red caboose that thrilled me. It may have been last, but it is forever memorable. Of course, there were other more subtle colored cabooses but the red popped like magic on the rails. Until the 1980s, laws in the United States and Canada required all freight trains to have a caboose and a full crew on board for safety reasons. In an effort to save money with the advancement of technology, railroad companies stated that cabooses were unnecessary, and the caboose was thereby derailed.

        Growing up, our neighborhood was sliced in half by the freight train tracks allowing these trains to roar to their destinations while rumbling the walls of those…

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