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Y’know … all the political game-playing, threats, backstabbing, obstruction and more these days takes a toll on a person’s psyche.  We … the vast majority of us … are good citizens.  We vote in every election, we pay our taxes every year, we don’t break the laws of the land.  And in exchange, all we ask is a government “by the people, of the people, and for the people” – a government that uses our tax dollars wisely, that doesn’t waste money on frivolities, that sees to our national security, protects us, and helps those in need.  Instead, we have a Congress that is 99% dysfunctional, members of Congress to whom we pay a salary that is multiple times higher than our own every year, that spend all their time playing political games.  I’M DONE!!!  I will not pay one more dime in federal income taxes!!!  Oh wait ……

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