Thoughts About Legal Precedents


The national concern over the present “activist” U.S. Supreme Court has escaped few citizens this summer. The rulings on women’s rights, gun regulation, and more, has many people worried. We are rightly concerned about our basic rights to go about our lives in a peaceable manner and fulfill our civic responsibilities. After the Court’s precedents are established, they will hold great power over Americans.

The current consequences for Americans is that new precedents can and will overturn well-established precedents on privacy, safe environment, separation of church and state, marriage equality, equal opportunity, and voting rights. The overturning of the well-established precedents negatively affects millions of people.

A great deal of legal weight is placed upon a precedent even if it does not support legalistic theory as strongly as we have been told. The first, original precedent logically would not have been based on precedent. Logically thinking, there must have been…

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